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Windows, Linux and other operating systems dedicated server rental

Rent a cheap dedicated server on Windows, Linux and other OS. Here you can buy/order a cheap dedicated (physical) server in Russia, Europe and around the World. Our main advantages: a convenient dashboard in your client area, 24/7 technical support, a wide range of locations and much more.

Implementation in the business sector

Full access to hardware and software
The owner of the dedicated server is free to change the configuration of the computer, install any operating system, carry out any technical work on the server — this will not interfere with the work of other services and servers.

Network security
The database server can be located on a separate machine so that an attacker who has obtained superuser rights on the web server cannot heavy damage the database, since it will not be allowed the entire SQL, but only a certain set of stored procedures, through which it is simply impossible to cause great harm.

Reducing the computer load
Assume that the database server consumes so much computing resources that neither the web server nor the FTP server can be started on this machine. Then the database is located on a dedicated server.

Uninterrupted access
If the database and the web server are on different machines, users will have access to the database when performing maintenance on the web server.

Online computer games
A dedicated server is a multi-player game, which runs only the server component of the game (without the player on it). If there is a version of the server for a Unix-like operating system, it is usually preferred.
The server part of the network game is transferred to a separate computer for the following purposes:

Reducing the computer load
If there are a lot of participants, and the game has high system requirements, you have to create a dedicated server — otherwise there will be a delay on the server (or even on all computers).

Online platform
Dedicated server is used as a constantly working platform for online games.

Dedicated server rental

Dedicated servers located in the great data centers in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania.

Own equipment and ip networks in the Fiord data center, Moscow

Description, characteristics and specifications of all locations, as well as other information can be found on

The cost of each dedicated server includes:

  • Ftp BackUP storage
  • DNS-hosting in different geographical areas
  • Premium technical support around the clock