Yes. It is fully free for our clients.

Please use the following DNS-servers for your domains:

You operate your domains through DNSManager panel by yourself.

We forward all of them to you through ticket system. There is an average response time of 24-72 hours to solve them.

The free Anti-DDoS package allows you to reflect up to 15Gbit/s of "dirty traffic".

Please note that the billing period for all virtual servers is from 1st to 1st day of the month. If you pay before the 15th, you will be charged only for the rest of the current month. If you pay after the 15th, you will be charged for the rest of the current month + the next month.
For example, if you place an order on August 16, then the invoice will be for the period of 08.16-09.30, afterwards all invoices will be issued for a full month of rent.

Yes. In the Client Area there is a function of transferring Services to another account. In order to move the Service from one account to another, you need to perform the following steps: Personal account >> Services >> Click on the number Services >> "Transfer service"

Yes, Turbo Boost works on all KVM virtual servers.

Virtual Servers are disconnected on the 3rd day of a month, and then deleted on the 15th of the month in case of non-payment. Dedicated servers are disconnected on the end-date. 

 Music and online video sites (if they can partially violate copyright) are allowed in a number of locations, provided that illegal materials are removed on request from the copyright holders. You can choose the Netherlands(Naaldwijk), England(Hampshire), Russia(Moscow) if you have any doubts.

All equipment in Russia (Moscow) belongs to our company. All VPS root servers are also our property.