About us


Professionalism, high-quality standards and great service have allowed IpServer to take a leading position in the hosting providers market for more than 10 years.
Despite the success, we are constantly developing and striving to become even better for the customer. Now our team is focused on automation and expansion of the list of services, improving the Customer Area interface design, implementing anti-DDoS protection in the Moscow data center, as well as other verticals.

What do we offer

  • Rent of physical (dedicated) servers. Since the equipment is located in the Moscow data center and is our property, we guarantee reliable operation of all components of the system (RAM, hard drives, processor, server platform, etc.) and their quick replacement in case of malfunction.
  • VDS-hosting (or virtual servers) based on own servers and KVM virtualization is located in 7 premium class data centers located in Europe, the US and Russia.
  • Rent of physical (dedicated) servers around the world. Thanks to successful collaboration with third-party data centers, we are able to offer a number of additional options and benefits to our customers. Having the prerogative of selecting supplier companies, we guarantee flexibility of service, high-quality service and low prices.

Why choose us

  • The website was created by our development team (client Area, online chat, billing and ticket system);
  • We guarantee the best combination of price and quality;
  • We provide technical support around the clock (24/7/365);
  • LIR status in the RIPE NCC (ripe.net);
  • We promptly resolve any issues, we speak two languages ​​(Russian, English);
  • We respond to requests within 2-10 minutes;
  • We work with private customers and companies;
  • Large selection of payment systems;
  • We provide flexible conditions for cancellation of services;
  • We regularly update pricing;
  • We offer a wide range of countries and locations;
  • We work individually with every client.