Virtual dedicated servers (VDS hosting) with SSD drives based on XEN PVHVM virtualization in 10 locations.
Rent dedicated servers in Moscow and 57 locations (38 countries).

Ipv6 in Moscow /64 for every service

We are glad to inform that from now for every service (does not matter dedicated or virtual server) is available a network /64 a...

21.07.2016, 16:42 | More

New location in the Netherlands(Amsterdam) as a replacement for the previous Datacenter

We are pleased to present a new location in the Netherlands,Amsterdam (Serverius Datacenter). This location is implemented as a ...

10.07.2016, 15:53 | More

VDS in Buffalo(USA)

We're glad to release new location Buffalo(USA) for VDS.

29.05.2016, 10:32 | More

OVH API (IPMI, reboot, monitoring)

Integrated API for locations France/Canada (OVH) with our system. From now all our customers have an access to the following fun...

10.05.2016, 13:08 | More

PayPal is online again!

After a month break PayPal is online again! Due to technical reason they closed our account by mistake.

03.05.2016, 12:59 | More

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