Terms Of Service

1. Ordering new services.

1.1. To order services a Customer needs to verify a phone number and e-mail. It can be done by SMS or a voice code for choice. The Customer also needs to log in to Client Area without using VPN/Proxy.
1.2. A scan/photo copy of an official document (passport) and a proof of address are usually not required, however in some cases the Provider may request them. All received documents will be deleted after verification to ensure the security and confidentiality.

2. Test-drive for virtual servers.

2.1. After 100% prepayment there is a 24 hours test-drive for virtual servers.
2.2. The customer may cancel any virtual server within 24 hours after activation with getting a full refund.

3. Payments.

3.1. The Customer must pay for all services before the "End Date" to prevent a suspension/cancellation of a service and erasing data.
3.2. The Customer must pay all days including days of suspension in case of non-payment in time if he wishes to pay and re-activate suspended service.
3.3. The Provider may suspend all services if there is a debt.
3.4. The original currency in locations Switzerland (Zurich), USA New York (Buffalo), USA (New York) is USD. The original currency in locations United Kingdom(Hampshire), United Kingdom(Berkshire) is GBP. The original currency in location Russia(Moscow) is RUB. The original currency in other locations is EUR.
3.5. In case of upgrading an existing service, the Customer needs to pay for the days from the date of an upgrade request up to "End Date", but not less than 1 month.
3.6. Transferring funds between customer accounts as well as transferring funds between RUB and EUR prepaid accounts are not allowed.
3.7. It's not allowed to pay an invoice using both internal balances EUR/RUB.

4. Cancellation.

4.1 A cancellation for dedicated servers in the following locations is only possible until the 18th of a month 11:59 PM CET+1: 12: France(Paris), 31: Netherlands (Amsterdam). If the cancellation requested after this time the Customer must pay for the next month.
4.2. The cancellation for dedicated servers in all other locations must be requested no later than the "End Date".

5. Refund.

5.1. The refund for virtual servers is possible within 24 hours after activation.
5.2. The refund for dedicated servers is only possible before the order is sent for the activation. In other cases it may be reviewed on an individual basis.
5.3. The refund usually performs within 1-10 days depending on the payment method.
5.4. Any reimbursement based on SLA is made by the Provider to the prepaid account(internal balance) of the Customer only.
5.5. The customer may request the refund of advance payment for the period of a service that has not started. Any discount that was provided for advance payment of 3, 6 or 12 months will be removed and recalculated.
5.6. In case of refusal for purchase, the refund is made only to the same account and payment system which the payment was made from.
5.7. The Provider does not offer the refund in case of downgrade of the existing service.
5.8. In the event of refusal of additional options for a period of service which has not yet commenced, refund shall only be provided to the internal balance.
5.9. All cryptocurrency transactions are non-refundable.
5.10. All deposits to the prepaid account(internal balance) are non-refundable.
5.11. All payments through Advcash and Perfectmoney are non-refundable.
5.12. The provider does not perform the refund in case of intentional violation of the "Acceptable Usage Policy".

6. Corporate/Business accounts.

6.1. The corporate customer may sign an agreement with the Provider or accept the public agreement.
6.2. The corporate customer is able to make payments by bank wire (SWIFT).

7. Technical support and managed support.

7.1. All dedicated and virtual servers are self-managed.
7.2. Premium technical support is free of charge and provides around the clock (24/7/365) through the ticket system.
7.3. The Provider offers managed support at additional cost.

8. Abuse complaints.

8.1. In the event of an abuse complaint, the Customer undertakes to take measures within a given period to eliminate the violation and notify the Provider about it.
8.2. The intentional violation of the "Acceptable Usage Policy" will lead to the termination of services and/or the account of the Customer.
8.3. If the court collects a fine from the Provider regarding infringing copyright, the Provider has the right to exact this amount from the Customer.

9. Backup.

9.1. The Provider does not perform any backup for default.
9.2. The Customer may have a 1 snapshot of virtual server every week at the specific time and date for choice.
9.3. The Customer is responsibility to take care of any backup.

10. Customer obligations.

10.1. The Customer undertakes to respectfully cooperate with the Provider.

11. Customer claims.

11.1. The Customer has the right within 14 days after order activation to contact the Provider if the specification of the order does not match the original order.