Terms Of Service

Terms of Service (ToS)
By the Provider (IPSERVER) to the Client (End-user).
Version of 04/26/2017.

  1. Order of new services and privacy.
1.1. Ordering services clients need to make phone number and E-Mail verification (once). The phone number confirmation is carried out in the automatic mode - sms-code or voice code.
1.2. A photocopy or a scanned copy of an official document (passport) is not required, but in some cases, we can request this document. In this case, the document will be deleted after verification to ensure the security and confidentiality.

  1. The test period for VDS (7 days).
1.1. Test access is only for testing the service, but not free use.
2.2.Test access is available after 100% prepayment except for the cases described here. In this case, our service does not charge a fee for the return of funds.
2.2. If you continue to use the Service after 7 days, the countdown goes from the first day of the order activation.
  1. Payment and disabling of services.
1.1. You must pay for all services before the "End Date". The lack of payment entails the cancellation of the service without any warning.
1.1. The Client undertakes to inform the Provider in advance of any payment delays.
3.3. Services for the Client can be turned off if there are overdue unpaid bills.

  1. Cancellation of Services.
4.1. The cancellation of the "Dedicated Server" Service in the following locations is possible only until the 19th day 23 hours 59 minutes of the calendar month: 49. France (Paris), 50: France (Paris), 9: France (kimsufi), 28: Canada (SyS) and 33: Canada (kimsufi). f the Cancellation is requested after this date, the Service must be paid for the whole next calendar month.
4.2. The Cancellation of the "Dedicated Server" Service in all other locations must be requested no later than the "End Date".

  1. Refunds. The exchange rate for the Internal Balance Conversion is 34.4.
5.1. The Internal Balance Conversion at the fixed exchange rate 34.4 is processed within 24 hours from the moment of submitting Client's request using the ticket.
5.2. Full refund for the VDS / VPS (virtual server) Service is possible during the first 7 days. Some rates are non-refundable. The partial refund is possible at any time.
5.3. Terms of refund for the Dedicated Server in Moscow Service are similar to the terms of paragraph 4.1.
5.4. Terms of refund for the Dedicated server Service in other locations are listed on http://wiki.ipserver.su (in the filling stage).
5.5. Refund to the payment system is carried out within 3-10 days except for the Test Period (1-3 days).

  1. Legal Entities.
6.1. The cost of the Services for Legal Entities is + 3%, but not less than 100 Rubles.
6.2. The original documents are shipped via the postal service Russian Post, or you can fetch them yourself in Moscow.
6.3. The conclusion of a written contract, drawn up on paper, is a prerequisite for cooperation.
6.4. Scans of documents (invoices, acts) are downloaded automatically in the Client Area.

  1. Technical support and administration.
7.1. Professional 24-hour (24/7/365) Technical Support is provided free of charge through via the ticket system.
7.2. We do not provide Phone Support for Virtual Servers by default.
7.3. We do not provide support through Skype, Jabber, Live-Chat, ICQ. With the help of these instant messengers, you can only consult with us or discuss issues.
7.4. Free administration (Basic-Adm) is provided during the first 7 days for the "Dedicated Server" Service and 30 days for the "Virtual Server (VDS / VPS)" Service.
7.5. We do not provide Phone Support for the Basic-Adm and Standard-Adm administration pack.
7.6. We provide paid administration based on current tariffs.

  1. Complaints
8.1. In the event of receipt of complaints, the Client undertakes to take measures within a given period, to eliminate violations and notify the Provider about it.
8.2. Intentional violation (criminal actions) of the "Acceptable Usage Policy" entails the blocking of services and in some cases the entire account, without the possibility of creating new orders and even tickets.
 8.3. We do not make a refund in connection with an intentional violation of the "Acceptable Usage Policy".
8.4. In some cases, we require payment to unlock the server due to a number of violations. For example, a one-time server unlock in the location France (Paris) can cost 24$.

  1. Client Obligations.
9.1. The Сlient agrees to communicate with the Provider respectfully. In the case of a direct threat to the company or its reputation, we can refuse service or lock the account.

  1. Claims to the server configuration.
 10.1. If the ordered server does not correspond to the configuration specified in the Personal Area, the Client has the right within the first 14 days to contact us for resolving this issue. Claims on this issue, issued after the first 14 days, will be rejected if the resolution of this issue will cause financial costs of the Provider.