Acceptable Usage  Policy

1. Use of Service
All services provided by the Provider can be used for legitimate purposes only. The following illegal actions are prohibited:
1.1. The spread of viruses, "worms", "Trojan horses".
1.2. Botnets and all associated with them.
1.3. Destructive actions: flood, email "bombs" or DDOS attacks, as well as actions that disrupt the operation of the network and network equipment.
1.4. Spam.
1.5. Sale and distribution of narcotic drugs.
1.6. Dissemination, transfer, storage, publication and display of child pornography.
1.7. Illegal or unauthorized access to computers or networks.
Access, illegal or unauthorized, to computers, websites, bank accounts or networks belonging to another person / persons, or attempts to penetrate another person's systems ("hacking").
In addition, any action that can be used as a precursor to attempts to enter the system (for example, port scanning, "stealth" scanning or other information gathering).
1.8. Fraudulent projects.
1.9. Sale and distribution of stolen credit cards.
1.10. Phishing
1.11. Illegal trade of medical products.
1.12. Terrorism.
Also any action that contradicts the laws of the country and the rules of location is prohibited.

2. Allowed actions wtih conditions.

2.1. Websites with adult content (pornography) is allowed in all locations except Germany (Falkenstein), Finland and Russia (Moscow).
2.2. Torrents are prohibited.
2.3. Video streaming is allowed.
2.4. Websites with music, video, and other content are allowed as long as they promptly remove illegal materials upon request from copyright holders, and if these requirements are not received on a regular basis.
2.5. VPN and Proxy are allowed for personal usage.
2.6. VPN/Proxy services are prohibited.
2.7. Anonymous Hosting services are prohibited.
2.8. The applications for mining crypto currencies are prohibited: only plotting is prohibited, storage (farming) is allowed.
2.9. Running a Tor Exit Node is prohibited