Payment period
CPU 2x Intel Xeon E5-2690v2
Virtualization KVM
Bandwith 1Gbps Premium (200Mbps guaranteed)
Комментарий к bandwidthу При достижении 15ТБ, скорость ограничивается up to 50 мbit.
Comment to order
Please note, After the 15th of a month you will be charged for the rest of the month + the full next month. Before the 15th of a month you be charged for the current month only. Сейчас 21 число.
Price for server
Price per month: 58 (1995.2 )
One-time fee: 0 (0 )
Payable: 1995.2 (0 )
Price per month: __
One-time fee: __
Payable: __

Russia (Moscow) Location Specifications

Free with each server:
  • /64 ipv6
  • 1Ipv4 (failover)
  • Windows 2008/2012/2016 - trial
  • Enterprise and Datacenter Hard Drives
  • Hardware Raid10 (HW RAID1 Tariffs  Gam and Ultra)
  • Hardware firewall
  • Private VLAN
  • vSWAP
  • Additional ipv4 (failover)
  • FTP BackUP up to 2TB
  • Windows SPLA or SPLA Special
  • Network equipment: Juniper
  • Premium traffic
  • Raw-images, that guarantees a high drive speed
Looking Glass
  • Tariffs "Advanced" are non-refundable. We can return funds only to the internal balance.
  • Microsoft licensed products under the SPLA: Windows Office, Win Rmt Desktop, SQL Server etc. are not available for Special
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