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IpServer provides Windows, Linux and other OS virtual server rental (VPS/VDS) Here you can buy/order a cheap VPS/VDS server in Europe and around the World. Our main advantages: a convenient dashboard in your client area, 24/7 technical support, a wide range of locations and much more.

Virtual server
VPS (eng. Virtual Private Server) or VDS (eng. Virtual Dedicated Server) — a service in which the user is provided with a Virtual server. In terms of operating system management, it mostly corresponds to a physical dedicated server. In particular: root access, private IP addresses, ports, filtering rules and routing tables.

Inside the virtual server, you can create your own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones, the owner of the VPS can delete, add, modify any files, including files in the root and other service directories, as well as install their own applications or customize / change any available application software.

In some hardware virtualization systems, the kernel settings for the operating system and device drivers are also available for editing.
Basic information
A virtual server emulates a single physical server. Multiple virtual servers can be running on the same machine. In addition to some obvious limitations, each virtual server provides complete and independent control and management as its regular dedicated server provides.
Each virtual server has its own processes, resources, configuration, and separate administration.
Usually, freely distributed versions of UNIX and GNU/Linux operating systems are used as a virtual server. Virtual machine technologies are typically used for emulation.
The administrator-owner of the virtual server can install any applications, work with files and perform any other tasks possible on a separate machine. A virtual server renting is a popular type of hosting, as it provides a reasonable balance between price and opportunities for most owners of Internet sites and applications. The price can vary greatly depending on the package of support services and administration.
Virtual servers without support (unmanaged) are provided at low (from a few dollars per month) prices. Creating a site on such a server may require the owner of a fairly extensive knowledge of the administration of the operating system and Internet applications. Unmanaged hosting is well suited for professionals and enthusiasts.
Supported (managed) virtual servers vary in a wide price range and are suitable for those who are interested to direct all efforts to the development of the site, and not to the technical details of its content.

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