Ultimate Server (Dedicated server)

Payment period
Location Germany (Дюссельдорф)
DDoS-защита Included в стоимость
Benchmark 12962
Платформа Supermicro
CPU Intel i7-5820k 3.3 GHz
Cores(Threads) 6{12)
Memory(ОЗУ) 128GB DDR4
Bandwith 1Gbps unmetered (300Mpbs guanrateed)
IPv6 /64
Примечание ↑ - означает возможность изменить параметр (upgrade)
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Please note: END-DATE of the next month will be the same Date as START-DATE Сейчас 24 число.
Price for server
Price per mo: 136
One-time fee: 0
Payable: 4678.4
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One-time fee: __
Payable: __

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers in the great Datacenters. Many countries and locations covering almost the all continents.

Our company is the full owner of the provided hardware and ip-networks in Russia (Moscow) location.

Every dedicated server includes:

 Ftp backup space
 DNS servers in two different geo zones
 365/24/7 technical support
 Package Basic-Adm on 7 days

Внимание! Услуги в российском сегменте рассчитываются по курсу 34.4
Во всех остальных локациях курс USD/RUB ЦБ РФ на день оплаты.

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