Payment period
CPU Intel E3-1270 v2 or Intel E3-1230v3
Virtualization XEN (HVM)
Bandwith 1Gbps Premium (200Mbps guaranteed) - unmetered
Комментарий к bandwidthу При превышение порога в 10ТБ, скорость порта ограничивается up to 50 мbit
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Please note, After the 15th of a month you will be charged for the rest of the month + the full next month. Before the 15th of a month you be charged for the current month only. Сейчас 20 число.
Price for server
Price per mo: 7
One-time fee: 0
Payable: 240.8
Price per mo: __
One-time fee: __
Payable: __

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