Data Center Root, Singapore


Today, company is a leading co-location provider specialized in dedicated servers, co-location and web hosting. Data center is geographically located in Singapore.

Modern, well-equipped data center, match the international standards of Tier III will ensure stable and flawless operability of all any services.

The reliable broadband connections have enough bandwidth to satisfy any demands of the customers, from the placement of small sites, to the global corporate projects.

Datacenter is equipped with all necessary systems to ensure constant operability of customers’ services, which includes a robust cooling system that maintains a constant temperature and forming a microclimate in the datacenter, as well as a continuous supply of electricity. In the event of interruption of central power supply, datacenter is equipped with diesel-generators for supplying a whole datacenter with power for at least 48 hours. Multilevel security system includes an efficient smoke detection system, fire extinguishing system and 24/7 security guard personnel.