Data Center Redstation, UK (Hampshire)


Redstation Server Hosting and IaaS provides high-performance dedicated servers, GPU servers and server colocation for demanding application.Industry leading infrastructure, N+1 design, 24x7 staffing.

Their fully owned and operated UK data center meets ISO90001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000 standards and has the levels of resilience and redundancy you would expect from an organisation responsible for over 30,000 physical appliances.

RedStation owns its supply chain end to end so guarantee to provide the lowest cost for any solution. Its hand-picked server hardware, tested and benchmarked for every generation of technology, packs the latest CPUs, the highest clock speeds available and fast DDR4 ECC RAM and is chosen for horizontally scaling, performance-sensitive applications and databases.

With the fully bespoke, automated provisioning platform, company can get your custom servers built, racked and installed so you can scale your environment in-line with your workload demands and enjoy massively scalability as part of your bare metal cloud environment.

Purpose-built, nationwide Cisco networking provides low latency connectivity between systems, all protected by Arbor’s industry-leading DDoS mitigation.