Data Center the myLoc managed IT, Germany (Düsseldorf)

MyLoc Myloc

The myLoc managed IT AG provides the hosting products from the Tier III+ data center in Düsseldorf. The MyLoc manages IT AG is a large provider of hosting services for dedicated, root and virtual servers. Since 2001, the company offers individuals and legal entities high-quality dedicated servers, and hosting solutions with an advantageous price-performance ratio.


Hosting providers in the German the Tier III+ data center

With the numerous fibre optic links that connect the hubs in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Zurich and with redundant routers, the server products from The myLoc managed IT AG can be offered with the greatest bandwidths at the lowest prices. vServers, root servers and dedicated servers benefit from the peering agreements and direct connections with all major providers, e.g. Deutsche Telekom, ensure perfect network quality. The entire network is monitored around the clock by the Network Operation Center of the data center operator, myLoc manage IT AG. Here is an overview of the benefits:


  • Direct access to the myLoc managed IT AG data center;
  • Redundant backbone design with 370 Gigabit/s external connectivity;
  • Connection to all major carriers and exchange points (DECIX, AMSIX, ECIX);
  • 24/7 monitoring of the network through its own NOC.

Company Providers

Company is partnered with Deutsche Telekom one of the largest carriers worldwide with Deutsche Telekom. The servers of the myLoc managed IT AG benefit from two different and independent connections to Deutsche Telekom so that a redundant design always ensures excellent quality.

Data-center works in close cooperation with the operator of Level 3 communications. The operator's infrastructure, which is located in Düsseldorf in particular, has a connection of 3x10 Gbit.