Data Center Serverius, The Netherlands (Amsterdam)

 Data Center Serverius logo

Data center Serverius is located between Europe’s largest internet backbones of Amsterdam and Frankfurt. The high quality services are mainly used by international companies who need premium connectivity in Europe.

Serverius main business objectives are to provide and develop new-generation infrastructure services above making profit. In the year 2016 company used 37% of its turnover for R&D. As a result of this Serverius became one of the biggest players in Europe.

Serverius is offering all-in-one infrastructure solution. The perfect environment to host your own infrastructure. The famous in-house developed client panel gives users the ability to perform tasks themselves. It’s by far the most advanced client tool. The on-site-engineers are 7 days a week available to assist clients with all kinds of remote support.

Serverius does not provide competitive services like voip, cloud, hosting or else. Therefore Serverius does not compete with his own customers

Serverius is for more than 15 years a privately owned company without any investors. From the colocation datacenter up to the IP network, they own it. No leasing nor renting and no financial investors are involved. In total it will increase user cost. The result: a premium services for the lowest pricing in Europe. Redundant power, buildings above sea level, connected to the best possible power grid in the Netherlands, offers users the safest colocation environment in Europe.

DDoS protection

  • DDoS, bad bot and WAF protection in or outside the Serverius datacenters;
  • Unlimited incoming (dirty) data traffic;
  • Protect up to 1048574 IPv4 (/12) and a million IPv6 (/32) IP subnets;
  • Capable to defend up to 1Tbps+ DDoS attacks.