Lenovo TS140: E3-1246v3 (Dedicated server)

Payment period
Серверная платформа Lenovo ThinkServer TS140
CPU Intel Xeon E3-1246v3 3.5 / 3.9GHz
Cores/Threads 4/8
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Price for server
Price per month: 64
One-time fee: 65
Payable: 4437.6
Price per month: __
One-time fee: __
Payable: __

The Netherlands (Naaldwijk) Location Specifications

Location Description

Free with each server:
  • /64 ipv6
  • 1Ipv4
  • Remote Reboot
  • Rescue Mode
  • Private VLAN
  • DDoS-protection
IP Addresses:
  • Additional ipv4
  • FTP BackUP up to 2TB
  • Windows Special or SPLA
  • IPKVM  on request
  • Fast activation of new orders
  • Quick responses of Data Center technical support
  • Anti-DDoS equipment
  • Premium traffic and high network connectivity

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers located in the great data centers in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania.

Own equipment and ip networks in the Fiord data center, Moscow

Description, characteristics and specifications of all locations, as well as other information can be found on wiki.ipserver.su

The cost of each dedicated server includes:

  • Ftp BackUP storage
  • DNS-hosting in different geographical areas
  • Premium technical support around the clock
  • Basic-Adm pack of administration for 7 days

Attention! Services in the Russian segment are calculated at the rate of 34.4

In all other locations, the rate of USD / RUB is based on The Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment.

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