VDS and VPS rental

We use KVM and XEN virtualization technology (HVM).


  • Activation within 1-2 hours
  • UPTIME: 99.9% - guaranteed
  • Upgrade/Downgrade RAM, DISK, vCPU etc. or change tariff at any time.

The cost of each virtual server includes:

  • Space on a separate FTP server for data backup
  • DNS servers in different geographical areas
  • DNSManager
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Power control (reboot/reset/shutdown/poweron etc.)
  • VNC-access
  • Reload OS through Client Area
  • FTP Backup
  • Reverse DNS
  • 30-days Basic-Adm Administration Pack
  • Webites / data migration from another hosting provider (included in Basic-Adm)
  • Migration VDS to another location (with saving all data)
  • Full VDS  BackUP

If you require CUSTOM CONFIGURATION, please contact us.