France (SYS) Location Specifications:

Location Description

Free with each server:
  • /64 ipv6
  • 1Ipv4
  • Remote Reboot
  • Rescue Mode
  • Private VLAN
  • DDoS-protection (any  attack power)
IP Addresses:
  • Additional ipv4 (failover) without a monthly fee, only one-time payment. Up to 16 pieces ($ 4 / IP)
  • Maximum 16 slots per server or 128 IPs
  • Countries (geo-IP) that you can select for Failover IPV4 for one slot: {Belgium; Finland; Spain; England; France; Lithuania; Poland; Netherlands; Czech Republic; Ireland; Italy; Germany; Portugal
  • Ipv4 subnets are assigned to your name
  • FTP BackUP up to 2TB
  • Windows SPLA
  • IPKVM ($35/24 hours, $205/1 week)
  • Activation within 1-24 hours. Every day
  • Location in three Data Centers: GRA, SBG, RBX
  • Cisco Network Equipment 
  • Arbor anti-DDoS equipment
  • Premium traffic and high network connectivity

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